TRE VIET, an extremely rustic name, when it comes to being mentioned, it is easy to imagine a river on the banks of a dike and bamboo trees along the countryside river. Born in 2006, TRE VIET is one of the first Vietnamese culinary restaurants in SYDNEY, located in the middle of KING STREET, one of the most famous and bustling streets of SYDNEY with pure and delicious Vietnamese food that comes from all 3 Vietnam regions.


Good review makes Tre Viet rated 4-star quality on Google and is a favorite destination for customers in SYDNEY when wanting to enjoy Vietnamese food.

COVID pandemic has turned upside down the daily habits and essential needs of millions and billions of people. Many anxious services are fidgety, especially restaurant services, which serve our daily necessities.


TRE VIET restaurant also feels the same way, and is really worried that TRE VIET would not have the opportunity to serve and reach all the needs of customers.



Online food models are not new, but in order to survive and develop, the guarantee of quality, food hygiene and safety, different delivery methods, and take-away will bring a new look, a new sense of online food for our customers in which it describes our business goal.

Catching the food trend with TRE VIET, we chose the online form, but made it our own way, and that’s why THE VIET was born.