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In the heart of this beautiful and attractive city, Sydney is famous for its tourist attractions and culinary which has captivated many diners in the country and around the world. Within this bustling Sydney hub, TRE VIET is a very rustic name with Vietnamese memorable homestyle, where diners can always comfortably enjoy and feel the pure Vietnamese flavor of its popular dishes that come from the Northern, Middle and Southern of Vietnam. Located at King Street, the busiest street in Newtown for more than 20 years, TRE VIET with its endless passion and enthusiasm of Vietnam people has desired to build a brand to preserve and introduce Vietnamese cuisine to Australia and tourists around the world.

THE VIET online is inspired by TRE VIET restaurant with the desire to serve customers who cannot come to the restaurant to enjoy the dishes here or at other restaurants, especially in this COVID-19 situation which has many risks and unsafety.

THE VIET online goal is to bring priority criteria for quality, food hygiene and safety, professional chefs as well as always putting the reliability of customers first in the dishes in which it has been verified by many diners at TRE VIET restaurant, we hope to bring the taste of home food closer to you.

With the increasing demand for traditional and healthy dishes of Vietnamese people, it is difficult to prepare them at home as well as find a nearby place to enjoy, but now with THE VIET online, only easily online ordering with one click, customers will enjoy delicious Vietnamese-flavored dishes right at their office or home with the perfect quality as enjoyed at our own TRE VIET restaurant. Convenience, quality and prompt service are what THE VIET online will bring to you.